SEANERGY CREW MANAGEMENT Services providing a comprehensive and reliable crew change service, assistance Surveyor – assistance superintendent and technician in Pointe Noire and Brazzaville / Republic of Congo.

We have the resources to deal with Immigration office in a timely manner and provide transport and hotel accommodation to our client’s personnel.

On signer crew requirements.

As regulations and procedures are differing for each nationality, pls notify SEANERGY AGENCY for the intended nationality of the crew that will embark, where : A Congolese visa from the Congolese Consulate and/or embassy might be imperative or the visa can be granted at the airport on the crew’s arrival. (Best option).

Most important :

In order to join a vessel as a seaman, the crew must be a valid seaman book and a valid passport holder.

If the crew will obtain visa at the airport, they have to wait for the agent and they must inform the immigration officer that they are a seaman and their purpose of visit is to join the vsl.
Some nationalities are able to obtain Congolese visa at the airport, but the seaman transit visa is different and must be obtained by the attendance of the agent. If the crew obtains a touristic visa and passes passport control, they cannot embark on board. Therefore the crew must take no action than waiting for the agent to complete their transit visa formalities.

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